Overarching Goals

The following are the highlights of what the Second World Indigenous Peoples’ Conference on Viral Hepatitis will cover:

  • Data – prevalence, incidence, immunization, treatment and outcomes
  • Health services – cultural care and indigenous approaches, quality care, medicines and pharmaceuticals, models of care
  • National Strategies and National Policies – human rights, access to care rights
  • Stigma and Discrimination – vulnerable populations, co-infection
  • Personal stories by Indigenous People
Conference Agenda


Check this website often for more details of what the parallel sessions will entail.


Some file are fairly large and may take a few moments to download.

A1 – Stigma – Storytelling – Theobald Owusu-Ansah (PDF 3MB)
A2 – Stigma – Storytelling – Todd Theringer (PDF 5MB)
A2 – Stigma-Storytelling – Narendra Gemawat (PDF 3MB)
Anchorage Consensus Statement (PDF 2MB)
Anchorage Consensus with Photo FINAL (PDF 334KB)
B1 – Delta Hepatitis in Greenland – Henrik Krarup (PDF 9MB)
B1 – HBV Infection in Maori Children – Papu Prasad (PDF 3MB)
B1 – HBV-C4 in Northern Australia – Josh Davis (PDF 11MB)
B1 – HBV-HCV-HIV Infection – Christy Ekerete-Udofia (PDF 4MB)
B1 – Hepatitis A vaccine response – Emily Mosites (PDF 1MB)
B1 – Novel Essay for HDV Analysis – Odgerel Oidovsambuu (PDF 7MB)
B2 – Genotype specific HBV care – Jane Davies (PDF 7MB)
B2 – HBV eliminationin Alaska – Rosalyn Singleton (PDF 5MB)
B2 – HBV in Torres Strait Islands – Stephen Locarnini (PDF 4MB)
B2 – HCV Linkage to Care in Alaska – Hannah Espera (PDF 3MB)
B2 – Hepatitis A elimination in Alaska – Stephanie Massay (PDF 4MB)
B2 – Maternal HCV screening – Leisha Nolan and Gus O’Malley (PDF 2MB)
B2 – Origins of Australian HBV-C4 – Stephen Locarnini (PDF 7MB)
Brazil Presentation – Wornei Silva and Miranda Braga (PDF 12MB)
C1 – HBV in Australian prison – Tayla Coles (PDF 3MB)
C1 – HBV-HDV in Greenland – Carla Osiowy (PDF 4MB)
C1 – HIV-HCV Clinical Care Canada – Alexandra King (PDF 9MB)
C1 – HCV Treatment Outcomes in AIAN – Youssef Barbour (PDF 2MB)
C2 – Cherokee Nation HCV Program – Jorge Mera (PDF 13MB)
C2 – HBV and HCC care in Alaska – Lisa Townshend-Bulson (PDF 2MB)
C2 – HCC screening in HBV – Prabhu Gounder (PDF 1MB)
C2 – Indigenous Peoples in Brazil – Luana Silveira de Faria (PDF 7MB)
C2 – Screening an Entire Community – George Garambaka Gurruwiwi (PDF 6MB)
Consensus – Non-Indigenous Report (PDF 3MB)
D1 – Coalition to Eliminate HBV – Stephen Locarnini (PDF 4MB)
D1 – Eliminating HCV Stigma – April McGill (PDF 15MB)
D1 – Global viral hepatitis targets – Theobald Owusu Ansah for Richard Nii Yemoh Laryea (PDF 8MB)
D1 – HBV Antiviral Adherence – Caroline Lee (PDF 3MB)
D1 – Scaling up HCV Response – Jessica Leston (PDF 11MB)
D2 – Culturally safe HBV care – Sarah Bukulatjpi (PDF 13MB)
D2 – Liver Disease Education Website – Danielle Varney (PDF 13MB)
D2 – Roadmap to HBV Care – Timothy and Joan Block (PDF 24MB)
D2 – Viral hepatitis in Nigeria – Shenge Juliet Adamma (PDF 5MB)
Elimination of Viral Hepatitis from Indigenous Peoples – Charles Gore (PDF 5MB)
Indigenous Storyteller – Sarah-leo Laframboise (PDF 14MB)
Indigenous Storyteller – Soma Shekar (PDF 2MB)
Path Toward Elimination of Hepatitis – John Ward (PDF 5MB)
Plenary – Non Caucus Particpants – Greenland – Henrik Krarup (PDF 1MB)
Plenary – WHO & PAHO – Nick Walsh (PDF 21MB)
Plenary (Tues AM) – Burden of Disease for Indigenous Peoples – Devin Razavi-Shearer (PDF 3MB)
Plenary (Tues AM) – The Alaska Vision – Brian McMahon (PDF 3MB)
Plenary (Tues PM) – Stigma-Storytelling – Jarrod Edwards (PDF 4MB)
Reconciling Historical Trauma with Indigenous Resilience (PDF 10MB)
Russian Indigenous Peoples and Viral Hepatitis – Vladimir Chulanov (PDF 7MB)
Systematic Review of Viral Hepatitis – James Ward (PDF 21MB)

Conference Photos